SOKOTRA Capital pursues investment opportunities across the entire spectrum of crop cultivation, ranging from cereal crops and forages to orchard crops, berries and vegetables.

SOKOTRA Capital invests in the cultivation of crops such as wheat, corn, alfalfa, flax, edible fruits, nuts, berries and vegetables.

In addition, SOKOTRA Capital invests in coffee and tea plantations, both on the cultivation side as well as on the processing and distribution side.

While the primary focus of SOKOTRA Capital's investments is on cash crops, there is an element of knowledge transfer and training in subsistence farming in each of the countries in which SOKOTRA Capital invests.


SOKOTRA Capital participates in the farming sector through investments in:


  • LIVESTOCK: Pertaining to the raising of domesticated cattle for a variety of end uses, including meat, dairy products, fiber and fertilizer.
  • POULTRY: Pertaining to the raising of domesticated birds, mainly chickens, for their eggs and meat.

Typically, SOKOTRA Capital invests in livestock and poultry farms that offer the potential to move up the value chain into food manufacturing and processing, another key focus sector for SOKOTRA Capital.


SOKOTRA Capital's investments in the Aquaculture sector will focus on Fisheries and Fish Feed.

FISHERIES: SOKOTRA Capital invests in the cultivation of freshwater and seawater fish across its focus markets. The farming of fish is the most common form of aquaculture, involving the commercial raising of fish in tanks, ponds, or ocean enclosures, usually for food.

FISH FEED: An important part of aquaculture is providing a balanced nutrition to farmed fish. The feed, in the form of granules or pellets, provides nutrition in the optimal form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential. SOKOTRA Capital invests in fish feed manufacturers in order to be a part of the entire aquaculture value chain.



SOKOTRA Capital invests in assets and supplies that aid in food production, namely agrichemicals, farm machinery and supplies, seeds, etc.


SOKOTRA Capital invests in the preparation of fresh products for market as well as the manufacturing of prepared food products.


SOKOTRA Capital invests in the establishment of hypermarkets and supermarkets in Frontier Markets, with the aim of bringing best-in-class brands and a management team to work on store layouts, purchasing, finance, IT and logistics.


Hotels & Serviced Apartments

SOKOTRA Capital invests in the development of luxury, mid-market and budget hospitality properties in its focus markets, tapping into the growing demand for hotels as these countries emerge as leading investment destinations in the coming decade. In addition to hotels, SOKOTRA Capital also invests in the development of serviced apartments in its focus markets.


SOKOTRA Capital invests in the development of retail space and non-food retail brands in frontier markets, tying up with leading operators and brands in order to expand their distribution to reach to new, high-growth markets.


In addition to investing in hospitality assets and retail space, SOKOTRA Capital invests in the development of theme parks and family leisure activities, focusing on bringing international standards in entertainment to areas where disposable incomes are rising and local and tourist populations are growing.