Five Pillars of Strength


SOKOTRA Capital enjoys strong and long-standing relationships with carefully selected partners and business providers in its focus geographies and sectors. Each of our partners and business providers are experts in their fields and have been operating in those markets for a long period of time, thus providing SOKOTRA Capital with unique access to attractive and below the radar investment opportunities.


SOKOTRA Capital enjoys long-standing relationships with various key institutional investors and family offices throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa who are willing to co-invest with SOKOTRA Capital in the focus geographies and sectors. This gives SOKOTRA Capital unique access to a significant pool of capital which can be deployed, when and if needed, on its selected investment opportunities.


As a private investment company, SOKOTRA Capital is not subject to any of the constraints applicable to traditional private equity firms. Although guided by an overriding vision and investment philosophy, the company retains the ability and the flexibility to adapt and evolve with the needs of its shareholders, its co-investors and the ever-changing conditions of the global and regional markets.


SOKOTRA Capital's core financial team is composed of highly experienced individuals with Private Equity and Investment Banking backgrounds. In addition, and unlike traditional Private Equity firms, the Financial Team is complemented by very senior individuals with unrivalled operational track-record - the Operational Team. The Financial and Operational Teams will be supported by an Advisory Board composed of members with extensive operational experience in our focus sectors and regions.


SOKOTRA Capital focuses on key geographies and sectors: namely Africa (initially East Africa), Emerging Asia (initially Mongolia and Vietnam) and, if the market opens up, Iran. Within these markets, SOKOTRA Capital will primarily concentrate on the Agriculture & Aquaculture; Food: Manufacturing, Processing & Retail; and Hospitality & Non-Food Retail sectors. SOKOTRA Capital also opportunistically pursues interesting transactions in other sectors, as and when these opportunities arise.